We Are Enough

Most individuals know that as a fitness and wellness professional, I have a pretty impressive resume; I’m comfortable talking about those tangible qualifications and experiences. But not too many people know that I have spent countless years immersed in the study of energy medicine and the fascinating world of self-improvement and personal development with a handful of amazing mentors. These mentorships and experiences have given me the unique opportunity to build an incredibly valuable skill-set that has been the ultimate compliment to my work with the physical body. And this knowledge allows me to coach from a vastly more well-rounded perspective and sets my methodology and practice apart from the majority of my peers.

However, I will admit to suffering by comparison, feeling unworthy and not good enough to stand in the company with the mentors that I’ve worked with because I’ve held onto this ridiculous belief that I still need to be fixed. I mean, how could I possibly help others if I still require help?

And here’s the uncomfortable truth about the industry that I work in, every single day it makes me, an average-sized woman (with a little extra here and there) feel insecure about how I look and how I’m perceived by potential clients. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. We know this, but we still have the tendency to assume that a fitness professional should come in a certain package. Some of you may look at me and question what place I have in this industry, because you mistakenly equate fit with a thin body. If you’re one of those individuals that clings to that belief, I’m sorry, but my body is not my business card.

There is no wrong body for fitness professionals; I wish I could liberate people from this belief that fitness purely exists to make people smaller. So many individuals struggle with feeling comfortable with their bodies, which has a profound affect on how they live their lives and show up in the world. And the worst part is that they don’t even know it’s possible to feel differently.

My body is here to support my clients, not to be a goal for them. I will continue to show up in this body and give my clients an authentic, safe experience. I will continue to walk my talk about self-love and self-care. Because here’s a reminder of one fundamental truth for myself and everyone else that’s struggling with this — WE ARE NOT BROKEN! And unfortunately, our society sadly assumes that individuals who are not the ideal body type, need to be fixed.

With this honoring, I have come to terms with how much I have been selling myself short in my professional life. I have to remind myself that my legacy is limitless and I am free to dream big and create an impact on the world in my own wonderfully unique way, utilizing every single tool in my kit. I don’t have to wait until I gain more experience or obtain another certification. And I certainly don’t need to lose 25-pounds to gain credibility and prove that I’m worthy enough to do this work. I have everything that I need, right here and now. I am enough and I can choose to stop the self-criticism and victimization, rewriting the story without ceilings or boundaries.

And in case no one else has told you this, you are more than enough too.

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