Play a Bigger Game

This recent series of life events has encouraged me to take a long hard look at my life and I have made some important discoveries.

I’ve been silently suffering through an extremely volatile love-hate relationship with certain aspects of my work. Trying to find a balance while maintaining an exhausting schedule has been impossible. Especially when my efforts continue to go unrecognized and I feel under-appreciated, suspecting that the same individuals who are supposed to be in the position of supporting my growth are actually setting me up for failure and tearing away at my confidence. And all of it comes at a huge cost. Relationships have failed, my social life has suffered; I haven’t been happy.

Because I’m tired of playing small. Tired of holding back and not taking up enough space. Tired of hiding my light, my enthusiasm, my accomplishments and glory to protect other people or to stay where I’m comfortable. I’ve been afraid of looking good, shining too brightly and overshadowing others. But even worse, I’ve been afraid to see and acknowledge my own brilliance. Moments when I catch myself realizing how truly amazing I am, appreciating all that I’ve been through and done, all that I continue to do, knocks the wind out of me — it feels huge, too much to handle.

I have always felt like there was something more meaningful and creative inside of me, but I had no idea what. And without clarity, I was scared. Do I have to start all over again? How will I support myself? What if I get stuck here forever?

Creating an authentic life based on your intuition and desires is never an easy thing to do, especially in the beginning. Following your heart and living life on your terms means being able to roll with the punches, dealing with setbacks and surprises along the way. You have to surrender to something bigger than yourself; stay strong, fearless and faithful. Make time to connect inside as often as possible, listening to your heart and intuition. Over time, the voice within will become louder than the naysaying voice of the outer world. Build a community of like-minded individuals, limiting time spent with those that don’t support your vision.

All of these practices are showing me how to slow down and make space for getting clear on the life that I want to create. It’s helping me step up to play a much bigger game. How will you take your life to the next level? It’s time to get real with yourself and there’s no time like the present. Don’t waste another day playing small. Remember, there is no set path; just follow your heart.

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