I Am Grateful for This Spot

It’s called being comfortable in my skin, fully confident in who I am. It’s being able to ignore the haters, avoid reading the comments and giving zero fucks.

Guess what? I am not for everyone. This is a lesson that I continue to struggle with on a daily basis. I grew up a people pleaser. It was drilled into me from childhood that it was important to be aware of what other people thought of me and my actions at all times. And by trying to cater my life and decisions to everyone else besides the only person whose feelings mattered (my own), I drove myself into an unhappy place in an impossible attempt to make everyone else happy. I’ll never be able to please everyone and that’s fine. There will always be people who don’t like me, possibly people who outright dislike me. But I’ve wasted so much time trying to get everyone to like me that I never figured out that’s not actually what’s best for me.

I finally figured out in my personal and professional life, it’s actually a good thing to drive people away. That may sound weird, but let me explain. Each person who criticizes your ideas and business, draws you closer to your ideal clients. Each friend that walks away, draws you closer to the people who share your beliefs and passions. Being disliked by some is simply a byproduct of being authentic to who you truly are. And the more you embody your true persona, the more incompatible people will pull away from you. That’s okay, because at the same time, the more you embrace your true self, the more likeminded people you’ll draw towards you.

You are not for everyone and that’s not just okay, that’s fucking amazing!

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