Slow Down for the Holidays

Scheduled to the max, rushed to the point of distraction and we still can’t seem to get it all done. Our obsession with productivity may make us efficient, but is it worth it?

The holidays are a time of celebration, spending time with friends and family, reflecting on the passing year and slowing down before another busy year begins. It’s a time for gratitude and compassion, things that are impossible for us to embrace if our cups are full. We can’t take the time to be sensitive to others and truly care for them when we are in a constant hurry. So, I’ll say it again — SLOW DOWN! Sometimes it’s hard to be fully present in the moment when we’re overwhelmed and stressed about gift giving, tons of parties to attend and juggling our loved ones through it all. It helps to step back and take it all in.

You have a decision to make this holiday season — to slow down, or not to slow down. Instead of viewing holiday enjoyment as procrastination or even a burden, consider it as an opportunity to refuel. The healthier your state of mind as you enter the new year, the more effective you’ll be. Give your mind the rest it needs. Power down, take a break and enjoy the company of friends and family — your brain and body will thank you! Let your presence be your present this holiday season.

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