Season of Giving

During the holidays, we shift our focus towards others with gift-giving and material objects. Why not start by being generous and kind to yourself instead? You have a lot of love in your heart; give some of it to yourself. Because we spend most of our lives trying to be good enough for somebody else and more often than not, we end up leaving ourselves last. We sacrifice our personal freedom to live according to somebody else’s point of view.

Why not put yourself first, maybe for the time in your life? Taking time for yourself is never a selfish practice. And learning how to love yourself unconditionally is the best gift you could possibly give yourself this holiday season. Once we learn to express ourselves authentically, we have infinite power to give to others.

I’ll admit, I’ve been overextending myself for others and not spending enough time taking care of my own needs. I accept where the choices I’ve made have taken me, but I aim to make more balanced ones from here on out. We get what we give and presence will always the best gift. Honor and celebrate the ways you can be present and show up for yourself. To truly give, you need to take care of yourself first. There needs to be a healthy balance between self-interest and sacrifice.

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