Self-Reflections on Happiness

Self-reflection is a humbling process and with only a few weeks left in 2017, I surrender and welcome whatever comes.

Something begins to change when you get closer to what really matters in life and love. You understand more and more just how much you have to be grateful for, even when life throws you for a loop. You begin to appreciate just how big the little things truly are and you finally get it — you get that happiness isn’t something you chase, it’s not somewhere you one day get to as if it were your final destination. Happiness, real happiness is something you create.

Truthfully, being happy isn’t easy. It requires a whole lot of you; it demands work. I will be the first to attest, something happens when you make the conscious choice to avoid numbing out. When you dig deep and work at it every single day. You realize that happiness isn’t so elusive after all. That in fact, it’s right there in your own two hands.

Happiness is an interior process and comes without validation from others. For me, this is a lesson that must be revisited every single day. I have found that the more time I spend alone, the more comfortable I become in my own skin because I can truly get to know myself. This arms me with more patience to accept myself as I am, wherever I am in my journey, on a daily basis.

And here’s the thing, we never have to push ourselves. We don’t have to try new things. We don’t have to get uncomfortable. There is no law that says we need to change things up in order to be happy and fulfilled. But regardless of what we choose, life will change around us and eventually make changes within us. The real choice is whether we want to open up to new possibilities or wait for the world to tell us what those possibilities are. So why not stand up, claim your power and chart the course for yourself? I mean, what if it actually works?

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