Let It Be Easy

Recently, circumstances of my life have unfolded in such a way that I can no longer remain in the known and things can no longer go according to a plan. It’s not until you’re standing naked and vulnerable with all that you thought you knew stripped away, that you really are forced to practice, live and breathe that profound level of trust.

I have struggled with faith my entire life. Trusting the unknown. Trusting family, friends and significant others. Trusting myself. Trusting that if I let go of control and the white-knuckled grip, I will be safe and my needs will be met. I’ve made substantial progress on this particular journey over the past few years. But the strengthening in my faith has not come from trying to attain it or by working to become more trusting. Rather, it has naturally arisen as a result of coming to know myself in a greater, deeper and much more profound way.

Because when you walk with faith, you walk with feeling. You make decisions based on your delicate inner whispers, the energy that tugs at your heart and calls you towards what you love. What others say becomes irrelevant; nothing sways you. To live with faith is to know who you truly are. And there is a fine line between letting energy flow and grasping too tightly to intention. There’s an ease and grace with allowing; there’s no need to force an outcome. It’s hard to remember this at the beginning of the year when everything is go, go, go — resolutions, goals, change this, change that, new year, new you. It’s a forced, frenetic energy. What if it was all easy? Why do we choose to make things so complicated?

Today, I release the need to know, control or to see any further ahead than this very moment, right now. It will be easy and I will enjoy the ride.

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